Sco Openserver 5 Support and Virtualisation

I don’t normally use this blog to promote my professional services, but I think the remaining SCO Openserver 5 users will have a hard time finding anyone that can help them.

Sco Unix Logo

I’ve used SCO Openserver 5 (now known as Xinuos Sco Openserver 5) for around 20 years and helped many customers keep their existing business systems running. In many cases we have worked together to significantly enhance the existing functionality and breathe new life into the system.

Key services I provide for SCO Openserver 5

  • General Technical Support.
  • Disaster recovery in the case of an emergency system down.
  • Disaster recovery as a service.
  • Virtualisation of Xinuos SCO Openserver from old hardware on to new hardware (Using VMWare).
  • Shell scripting and automation (ksh, bash, perl, python).
  • Advanced backup solutions (Local and off-site).
  • Printer configuration  and setup (sysv and cups)
  • Integration with cloud services to enhance existing software on SCO Openserver.
  • Advanced print management – capturing the printed output from SCO Openserver 5 and producing beautiful PDFs which can be emailed/posted to customers automatically. Can save a huge amount of time and money.
    Before: Customer Invoice Printed to Dot Matrix Printer from Sco Openserver 5
    After: Customer Invoice output to PDF from Sco Openserver 5
  • Advanced reporting solutions – extraction of data from SCO Openserver system and production of an advanced data model to makes reporting easy and simple.
  • Migration from SCO Openserver to a modern Linux environment (not always possible, but often).
  • Integration of data from SCO into Microsoft SQL Server and/or Sharepoint.
  • Development of multiple 4GL languages which were popular in the era of SCO Openserver.

If you have a SCO Openserver system and you just want to have a chat about what could be possible with your system, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Switching to a new business system is expensive and complicated. If your only motivation to switch system is the Operating System and platform that it is running on, it is likely I can help you out.