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Mail (microsoft outlook 2016) application not found

When migrating a customer to Office 365 I had a problem opening the mail control panel applet. It simply showed the error message “Application not found”:

Error message when trying to run the mail applet from Microsoft Outlook 2016 "Application not found"

This seemed to be occurring on 64-Bit machines where we had installed 32-Bit Office 2016 from the Office 365 portal.

I found two workarounds for this:

Workaround One: Run the mail applet directly from the command line

  1. Press Windows Key + R to bring up the run dialog
  2. Paste the following:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\MLCFG32.CPL

Workaround Two: Run the mail applet from Outlook 2016

If you in Outlook you can run the control panel mail applet from within Outlook by going to File and clicking on account settings, at the bottom of the account settings drop down you should see a “Manage Profiles” button, which will take you into the mail applet.
Manage mail profiles from within Outlook 2016

I would like to find a proper solution for why this is happening, so if anyone comes across a solution, I’d appreciate it if you share your solution.

How to run a VBA macro when new mail is received in Outlook

It can be very useful to run a VBA macro when new mail is received in Outlook. A customer asked me to write something that would log an entry to a SQL database when a contact form was received.

It’s easy to do but can take a bit of trial and error to get working just how you want it.

You need to add an event listener to the Inbox which will process incoming messages. A the following code to ThisOutlookSession:

Option Explicit
Private WithEvents inboxItems As Outlook.Items

Private Sub Application_Startup()
  Dim outlookApp As Outlook.Application
  Dim objectNS As Outlook.NameSpace
  Set outlookApp = Outlook.Application
  Set objectNS = outlookApp.GetNamespace("MAPI")
  Set inboxItems = objectNS.GetDefaultFolder(olFolderInbox).Items
End Sub

Private Sub inboxItems_ItemAdd(ByVal Item As Object)
On Error GoTo ErrorHandler

Dim Msg As Outlook.MailItem
Dim MessageInfo
Dim Result
If TypeName(Item) = "MailItem" Then
    MessageInfo = "" & _
        "Sender : " & Item.SenderEmailAddress & vbCrLf & _
        "Sent : " & Item.SentOn & vbCrLf & _
        "Received : " & Item.ReceivedTime & vbCrLf & _
        "Subject : " & Item.Subject & vbCrLf & _
        "Size : " & Item.Size & vbCrLf & _
        "Message Body : " & vbCrLf & Item.Body
    Result = MsgBox(MessageInfo, vbOKOnly, "New Message Received")
End If

    Exit Sub

    MsgBox Err.Number & " - " & Err.Description
    Resume ExitNewItem
End Sub

Screenshot showing the location of where to paste code into ThisOutlookSession to trigger a macro when new mail is received.

You need to restart Outlook for the code to become active.

The above code will produce a simple message box that shows some of the message properties:

Screenshot of VBA Macro being triggered when new mail is received in Outlook

You can of course do whatever you like with the message when it is received. I used it to insert rows into a SQL table, then move the message to a different folder. It works very well.

It’s worth taking a look at all of the available properties of the Outlook mailitem that are available:


As this customer is on Office 365 I might investigate the possibility of replicating this functionality with Microsoft Flow.