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Plantronics CS510/CS520 with Cisco SPA 504G and Cisco SPA 525G

We’ve been using Cisco SPA Series IP Phones for a long time in our Office, mainly we now use the 504 and 525G models. You need a wireless headset if you are going to spend a significant amount of time on the phone – and we have settled on the Plantronics CS510 for our Cisco SPA Devices.

Plantronics CS500 Series general information

There are four variants in the CS500 range:

  • CS510 (Pictured in this review)
  • CS520 (Same as 510 but covers both ears)
  • CS530 (Over the ear)
  • CS540 (Over the ear or over the head)

All of the models are compatible with the Cisco SPA Series by using various accessories that Plantronics make available.

The CS510 and CS520 are the same but the CS510 has only one ear piece and the CS520 covers both ears. If your office is noisy then the CS520 is probably a better choice.

I’ve never tried the 530 or 540 as I spend a lot of time on the phone and just feel like over the head is more comfortable for long conversations.

Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset with Cisco SPA504G

The Cisco SPA504G works perfectly well with the CS510, but it requires the use of a handset lifter – the Savi HL10. This is a mechanical device which actually lifts the handset off the telephone in order to answer calls and make the headset active.

Video showing the handset being lifted by the HL10 on a Cisco SPA 504G

To use the Plantronics CS500 Series with the Cisco SPA 504G, you need:

Cisco SPA 504G with Plantronics CS10 Wireless Headset
Cisco SPA 504G with Plantronics CS10 Wireless Headset in charging dock

Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset with Cisco SPA525G

The Cisco SPA 525G with the Plantronics CS510  is an elegant solution as there is no need for a handset lifter because it has support for an Electronic Hook Switch (EHS).

But you do require a special cable from Plantronics, which is called the APC-45 to connect the CS510 to the phone.

Cisco SPA525G with Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset
Cisco SPA525G with Plantronics CS510 Wireless Headset

To use the Cisco SPA525G with the Plantronics CS500 Wireless Headset Series, you need:

Call Quality and Battery Life

I spend about 3-4 hours a day on the phone and have never run out of battery, probably because I store the headset on the docking station between calls, so it is always kept topped up.

Wireless range is really good. I have not tested it to extremes, but I often walk at least 20 meters away without any issues.

We have been using the CS510 for years and it has been reliable and comfortable. I never use the standard handset from the phone as I find it incredibly uncomfortable.

Having the headset leaves both hands free for keyboard use and because it is wireless, there are no annoying cables distracting you.

SPA Call Manager Pro Released!

I’ve been working on a project for some time to enhance the usability of the IP Phones that we use internally. Namely the Linksys SPA 942 and the Cisco SPA 504g. The product is called SPA Call Manager Pro and it enables you to control the phone directly from your Windows desktop.

I’ve written a few little tools for the SPA series of phones but this one required a lot more effort. We’ve been using it internally for while now and it really does make using the phones so much easier and quicker.

It took me a while to figure out how to control the call functions of the phone, but I am very pleased with the results. Here is a screenshot of the main application window:

SPA Call Manager Pro Main Screenshot showing how a Linksys or Cisco IP Phone can be controlled via your desktop.


The program has a number of features to make working with the Linksys SPA 942 and the Cisco 504g easier, such as autocomplete dialing from the phone and applications personal directory and the ability to directly dial any number stored in the phones Dialed/Answered and Missed call logs.

We’ve also added the ability to dial any number stored in your windows clipboard, really handy when you are web browsing and just want to get hold of someone quickly without having to look back and forth between the phone and your screen.

You can import numbers from your own databases via the CSV import utility and easily build up your own contact database within the application and then export it for use on collegues machines.

We have put together a dedicated website for the application, if you use one of these phones I urge you to check it out to make your life easier!

SPA Call Manager Pro