Unable to Print to Epson Dot Matrix printers after Windows Updates

I received a call from a customer today who was suddenly unable to print to Epson Dot Matrix printers, after a LOT of troubleshooting I figured out that this is due to a Windows update.

Printers I can confirm that are not working after the updates are:

  • Epson LQ-300
  • Epson LQ-300+ II
  • Epson LQ310
  • Epson LX300
  • Epson LQ2180
  • Epson LQ2190
  • Epson LQ730K

Windows Updates have been issued for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and they are all having the same issue. The updates are:

There may be other updates which I am not aware of yet.

To get your printers working again, the quickest way is to remove the offending update. As you might not be sure which update you have installed. The quickest way is to run the following commands in an elevated command prompt:

wusa /uninstall /kb:4048952 /quiet /warnrestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:4048953 /quiet /warnrestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:4048954 /quiet /warnrestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:4048955 /quiet /warnrestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:4048957 /quiet /warnrestart
wusa /uninstall /kb:4048958 /quiet /warnrestart

Until Microsoft release an updated security patch you can temporarily block the patch using this tool from Microsoft:

Microsoft Patch Blocker

Or if you are using WSUS then you can block the patch from there. This is really a difficult problem to resolve if you don’t realise that the problem is being caused by an update, because you would’t expect an old Dot Matrix printer that has been working fine for years to be impacted by a Microsoft Security Roll-up.

I don’t know if this is happening to other Dot Matrix Printers besides Epson at the moment.

Microsoft have updated the KB articles to acknowledge that these updates are the cause of the problem:

Microsoft confirmation of problems with Epson Printers after installing November 2017 security roll-up patches.

Update 21/11/2017 – Problem has been fixed by Microsoft

Microsoft have now issued an updated patch which will should download automatically via Windows Update, but if you want to grab it manually it can be found here:


125 thoughts on “Unable to Print to Epson Dot Matrix printers after Windows Updates

  1. Epson LQ-890’s are affected, even if you install ‘generic text-only’ drivers to print to them. However, you _can_ use the DOS prompt PRINT command and send a text file to the printer, and it prints. It’s apparently a print spooler problem. Possible workaround is to put in the settings to _not_ spool printer jobs? (haven’t tried it)

  2. it has to be an update of a part of the print spooler — updating driver doesn’t work, reinstalling printer doesn’t work — and on one of the computer I clicked on an option, something like “programs or files to be affected” and it listed a print driver dll — but stupid me, didn’t write it down

  3. Lq-360 is effected. On my home win 8.1 and work 10. Use it to print out tattoo stencils, when you try from photoshop it does the same thing on both, you cant open the printer icon to see if its printing its dead. If you try to do a test print it does nothing sometimes ive had it flash up in the printing box then after 3 secs it just disapears and nothing happens. I thought it was the update, nothing new there.

  4. jadi kelabakan setelah semua user komplain, tapi baru nyadar setelah itu , dikarenakan security update windows 15 – 17 november 2017

  5. Thanks! Spent over an hour troubleshooting an issue with Epson LQ-590 printer before coming across your page.. reminding me once again to step back from the “problem” and look at the recent changes..

  6. I messaged epson uk yesterday on twitter and to their support team and they know of the problem and they say its all down to mircosoft, so they have wiped their hands of it, so no new updated drivers from them or not a mention on twitter or on their site, they sead to message mircosoft. What a great company ive bought into, seems they just dont care once you brought their printer and in the uk lq-630 is still for sale, who going to explain to customers who bought that printer that it wont work, because epson cant be bothered to update their 2013 drivers.

  7. The latest update from Microsoft shows that they’re aware of the problem, and that supposedly they’re working _with_ Epson to determine the fix – but that it isn’t printer driver related. I can attest to this, as the ‘generic text-only’ driver from Microsoft will not print to the Epson either.


    It also appears that it might cause a problem with the Panasonic KX-P3200 printers as well. I haven’t been on-site yet to check and see if that’s why one of them isn’t printing as of this morning.

  8. Stylus Color 740 connected through the LPT port (only type of connection at printer) also affected.

    Removal of update kb4048957 (learnt about doing this after several hours trying to get printer to work via other methods) got printer working again.

  9. Thank you.. its really helpful after I Uninstall Windows Updates have KB404xxxx
    My EPSON LQ 690 works fine NOW,,

  10. Whenever i try to uninstall the KB KB4048954 and restart my computer, it keeps going into automatic repair and won’t boot. Is there something i’m missing ?

  11. I think the problem is with the EPSON310 driver. Change the driver to Epson LQ V4 Class drvier from printer properties->advanced. The printer will work. But with some reduced features I guess.

  12. If your system keeps going into automatic repair, instead of trying to remove the KB, use system restore to set the machine back to the 14th, before the release happened. Then use windows update to show you the updates, and ‘hide’ that one.

    @MPGLanka – I tried using ‘generic text-only’ drivers, and those refused to print just like the Epson drivers did. I’ll probably be at a site tomorrow and will check a couple of machines to see if the Panasonic printers are the same problem.

  13. The biggest problem i can see is stopping the update from reinstalling on 10 home, 7,8 isnt a problem as you can switch the updates off you can google it if you dont know how. There is a few things you can do on 10 home to delay it but i think if you are running 10 home you are going to have keep uninstalling the update till they have sorted the problem out. The easiest way is dont have the computer contected to the net, so it cant upload the update. Its a pain but at least you can have the printer working..

  14. Thank you for this post, I have been troubleshooting this the whole day, Trying this now.

    Windows have really missed up this year, first it was the search functionality from Outlook not working now its this. Really starting to wonder if the windows update are worth all the trouble they are giving.

  15. @marcus – I’m not really impressed with those IT guys, then. One of the first things I did, when I identified that it had happened that day, but was working the day before, was run the system back using system restore – which also showed a set of updates happening early that morning. 30 minutes.

    So far, it doesn’t appear that the panasonic KX-P3200 is affected with that update, even though it’s using an “EPSON FX Series 1 (80)” driver. I’m suspecting that it’s specifically an incompatibility in the way that the new update is interacting with the print spooler and the printer (bidirectional communication, perhaps?)

  16. Hi, is it using the command prompt and type this?

    C:\Users\USER>wusa /uninstall /kb:4048952 /quiet /warnrestart

  17. Uninstalling the KB’s do the magic but i hope after shutting off our PC connected to Epson Printer will not update again the windows with bug…or we will wait for the new update that solves the problem..Thanks to info here…appreciated much….

  18. Just uninstall update KB 4048954…404895X…X stands for any number.
    For uninstalling goto > Check for Updates>update history> then drill down the different types of Updates and uninstall the updates mentioned above.

  19. Someone should legally take action and sue Microsoft for the losses incurred in our companies due to their mistake. Please check if any lawyers can get this case, and how we can all participate in this action. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

  20. Removed KB4048957 on Win7 and able to print on our Epson LQ350 on Friday, started it up on Monday and Windows Update had reinstalled it, so had to re-remove it and stop Update from auto updating. Send bill to Microsoft for time wasted?

  21. LQ680 and LQ680Pro also affected. I did install some very old driver and they worked again, but with loosing some functionality.
    This saved my life. Thank you!

  22. Hi,
    I tried to get update drivers from Windows Update and reinstall Epson LQ-680 Pro with these drivers and works it for me.

  23. Windows 7 – KB4048957 – Remove the other windows updates installed on the same day. EPSON LQ 590 – also affected. Solved by removing the Updates..

    Thank You for the solution

  24. Brilliant!! After going out and buying a new PC just to find that didn’t help, this has got my LQ590 going again.

    Many thanks


  25. Strange thing…..

    With the printer shared, I can connect to it via my Windows 10 Pro PC and print to it. The only problem with printing appears to be with the local printer that “owns” the printer (and share). You cannot print locally


  26. thank you for the information…

    keep on repeat reinstall the driver. luckly find this blog

    was using LQ2190 just removed windows 10 KB4048954 and printer work

  27. Thanks for the solution. You have no idea how many hours we wasted trying to resolve this issue. Again, many thanks for sharing

  28. Thank you so much for this article. Its really helped me. Otherwise I could have reinstalled the drive n number of times….

    Our office all EPSON LQ-590 is affected.

    I have uninstalled KB4048957 from installed windows update and its working fine.

    Really appreciate your help.

    Keep posting…

  29. Mine is Window 7, LQ2190,
    18 Nov, it works after uninstall KB4048957.
    19 Nov, but it auto update again, did not work again, uninstall again
    20 Nov, auto update again, did not work again, uninstall again
    21 Nov, auto update again, did not work again, uninstall again
    What the hell……………………………….
    Can you stop to update the file to our computer?????

  30. Nice! Thanks alot not even IT department could fix the problem and I just removed one of the updated that you posted and now its working fine

    Impacted Device

    Epson FX-890

    Now working fine after removing KB4048954

  31. My Epson FX 890 won’t print either. I don’t want to uninstall the update since its on our server and 4 workstations. Ugh. Thanks Microsoft!!!

  32. I posted a couple days ago – I think I will document my time and send Microsoft a bill – I have just sit back and dealt with Microsoft deleting generic/text only printers in the past but this issue is reduculous. If they don’t pay my invoice then I might have to take them to small claims court

  33. I’m not sure, but I believe that this is a _patch_ to the rollup that caused the initial problem, rather than a replacement. So you’ll have to install the original update, then the patch, to be up to date.

    They don’t seem to show that the update has been superseded by a new one, but rather that they’re just going to say “add this”.

  34. Epson LQ310 seems cannot print also after windows update, is there anyone got tja same case with me? How do you solve it?

  35. Bonjour,
    ma LQ 350 est également affectée, j’ai téléchargé le patch correctif mais le problème n’est pas résolu….le patch n’est-il que partiellement efficace?

  36. My lq-360 works on my windows 10 soon as i removed the patch. But there is a problem with home w 10, you cant stop it updating. You can postpone it or get it to try and update when the computer is off, but you cant stop it, like windows 7,8. So the only way forward is to keep uninstalling the patch, everyday if needs be, or just uninstall the patch and discontect the computer from the internet so it cant download the patch again. Its a pain i know but thats the only way on home w 10. Also goto mircosoft page and add a comment to there update page and tweet epson why a patch for w10 not been sorted yet.

  37. Yes I do agree with you about Microsoft should be sued. I spent all day trying to fix this issue and just happen to see a post about it. I wish I would have known this a few hours ago problem would have been resolved. Thanks for the wonder post otherwise I would have been still researching on how to fix the issue.

  38. I should have put a survey up when i first posted to see how much time the tens of thousands of people that have viewed this post have collectively wasted.

  39. Yes, but even that is only for Windows 10 version 1703. The version Microsoft has been pushing through of late is 1709, and so far there’s no fix for this one.

  40. After installing the hotfix KB4055038 and restarting Server 2008R2, Epson LQ-590 still doesn’t work. I’m thinking we’ll need to try uninstalling KB4055038. Does anyone know if the OS will need to be restarted before the fix takes affect?

  41. Hi. I can confirm that Epson LQ-300+ is now printing again on windows 10. I had to wait more than 2 hours of windows updating but now it’s ok. The fix came with KB4051963, as Jazzy said earlier (but to receive KB4051963 i had to install other updates).
    The problem is that now after all these updates Outlook 2010 search function does’t work anymore. I’ll try to rebuild again the index and hopefully the search comes back to life…

  42. KB4051963 also fixed the problem on our LQ-590. Running Windows 10. Hope this nightmare is over. Search on Outlook 2016 works normally.

  43. printing from SAP happening
    local printing not happening, printer is in ready state and connected with USB.

  44. Latest Windows Feature update has broken our Epson FX-890 again!!

    I suspect it’s security update KB4054517

  45. Yup, just to confirm that uninstalling, and blocking Security Update KB4054517 fixed the problem. Microsoft REALLY need to get a grip on this issue!!

  46. Epson FX-890 also affected. Thanks, I followed the steps and really worked as espected

  47. Does anyone know if Epson and Microsoft has corrected this issue, yet. I’ve been afraid to turn my updates back on. Thanks!

  48. To the best of my knowledge, they have issued patches for all three operating systems affected. 7, 8/8.1, and 10.

    10’s is KB4051963, and windows 7 is KB4055038

  49. Epson LQ 2190 ,do not work after windows change xp to windows 7
    what can i solve it now
    plz helpe

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