Small outlook add-in to make Gradwell calls directly from Outlook

Having played around with the Gradwell API a little bit I decided to write a little addin for Outlook 2010 to make calls and send SMS messages directly without having to use my handset.

The add-in has two methods of initiating calls:

Right clicking on a contact in Outlook will bring up a list of all the numbers associated with that contact, which you can then select and call, as below:


Or you can choose “Communicate with Gradwell” from the add-ins ribbon bar:


Which will bring up the same dialog box but you will have to enter or paste a number in to the “Number to contact” textbox. The program will automatically strip any characters that the Gradwell API cannot accept – so you should just be able to press the call or SMS button and the action will take place.

Before you can make calls you have to setup your Gradwell call and or sms authentication tokens, which can be done from within your Gradwell control panel. Once you have your authentication tokens you can click the setup button within the add-in and you can enter the details as appropriate, your settings will be saved to your local registry:


Please note that when entering the SMS Originator number it must be a number associated with your account and entered in full international format, e.g. 441932565337.

More information on the Call and SMS APIs which this addin uses can be found on the Gradwell site:

Hope that other Gradwell users find this useful, you can download it from here:

Outlook Add-in for Gradwell Communications

23 thoughts on “Small outlook add-in to make Gradwell calls directly from Outlook

  1. Hi there, many thanks for taking the time to write this add-on and post about it.

    Does this work like the Broadworks dialer, in that when you initiate a call, your handset rings, you pick it up and then the call is actually ‘sent’?

  2. I’ve never used the broadworks dialer (Any good?)

    But yes, it works in the same way, you initiate the call and your phone rings and shows the number you have called as calling you. When you answer it then call is then connected to the other party.

    Did you try it out?

  3. Hi. Been trying out your Outlook dialler with Gradwell – works a treat when I type the number in, but when I try and call from a contact record it throws an error “An Internal error occured in the automatic phone dialler. Close the phone dialogue box and then open it again”

    I’ve also noticed that if I go to Dialling Options and look at “Connect using line” the drop down box is greyed out and clicking on “line properties” bring sup the same error described above.

    Thought you would want to know…

  4. Hi Simon,

    I think you are actually clicking on the wrong option to dial a contact, what version of Outlook do you have?

    I only say that as the options you are referring to simply do not exist in the add-in that I have made! When you right click on a contact you should have a new option complete separate from Outlooks own dialler which reads “Communicate with Gradwell”.

    Do you see that? I don’t think it works in Outlook 2013, I need to update it.

  5. Hi Paulie,

    Two problems. Somehow I had installed it twice and was also looking at the wrong option!! Sorted now – thanks.

    I started off looking at your Javascript code as I wanted to get this functionality into our Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to dial numbers from it. Is this something that interests you?

  6. Yes, it does actually. We are probably going to start using dynamics CRM in house soon so I may look at it then.

    Or if you are based in the UK, you can hire me to look at it for you, if you are keen to get it done soon.

  7. Hi there, I am having trouble getting this app to work, everytime I press call it reports an internal error and suggests restarting the app.

    I have added the token on gradwell and put it into settings, along with the extension number.

    I have noticed that the addon installs itself twice also.
    Office 2013.

    Please could you offer some suggestions on how to remedy this as this app will be great when working!

    Kind regards,

  8. I have it partially working now. Under Add-Ins I can click on Communicate with Gradwell and manually enter a number and it will ring. But, none of my numbers/contacts are listed here and when I right click on a contact there isn’t an option for communicate with gradwell. Could this be due to Ofice 2013 or Exchange?

  9. It might be a good idea to leave the download for the 2010 version also, as I have a computer using 2010 still and I’m sure others will, unless of course the new version will work on both.

    Many thanks once again,

  10. Hi Paulie,

    We sell certain Gradwell services as a partner under our own brand and I’d be really interested in talking to you about commissioning a version of this tool with our branding instead of Gradwell’s. I would imagine this would be pretty straight forward but perhaps we could discuss this in more detail? An email or phone call would be much appreciated!

    Kind regards,


  11. Actually I was working on it for a little while on the weekend. It is nearly ready, but I won’t get any more time to work on it until this weekend or early next week. I’m just finishing off quite a large Office 365 migration.

    Will post as soon as there is any news!

  12. Would be cool if you could include an option to add 2 extension and choose the extension when dialling out. Although this is probably too time consuming/complicated from a coding point of view I guess. What are your thoughts?

  13. Hi there Paulie, many thanks for this addin, looks and works great!

    Would it be possible to also test the new version?

    Many thanks


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