Updated Linksys SPA Personal Directory Manager

In response to the comments posted my original post I have put together a new version of the Linksys SPA Personal Directory Manager.

This version has had some cosmetic tweaks, includes a proper installer and has the ability to upload the directory to many phones.

There is a small charge of £1.95 for this software.

This has been tested and works with:

Linksys SPA941Linksys SPA942Linksys SPA962

Update: 19/07/2018:
We have now released an entirely new version of the management tool. Please see:

63 thoughts on “Updated Linksys SPA Personal Directory Manager

  1. Hi

    Installed on XP SP2 – went on without problems but on running I get a windows error message:

    WindowsApplication1 Error signature:

    EventType : clr20r3 P1 : spa942.exe P2 : P3 : 4e455673
    P4 : mscorlib P5 : P6 : 4a7cd8f7 P7 : 3ee P8 : a
    P9 : system.outofmemoryexception

    Any ideas?


    G J Willey

  2. I would just like to know if this SW works with SPA502G. I did see that the script should support SPA504G and now Im not sure if if will work with 502G.

    Would just like to know before I go into a “major” investment 🙂

  3. Scratch that it was in Junk mail. Tried it and it worked for SPA303. Dude you are a genius. you just saved me about 72 hours of work.

    well played sir.

  4. Hi,

    very useful tool

    I’m trying to put the numbers on the international format, for example +44 before the numbers, but when I upload the data on my IP Phones the “+” disappear so I’m not able to view the callers

    Any ideas?

    Thank you!!!

  5. I seem to remember that the phone itself does not accept this format. Try using your international dialing code instead. For example, in the UK it is 0044 instead of +44

  6. Thanks for this Great tool we use it to Backup the personal directory when i replace a SPA504G to bad it does not work for the SPA525G from Cisco. I think it will also work for the SPA508G because this one is almost the same as the SPA504G.

    Is it possible to also support the 525G? Do you need any information from me to help you with also supporting the 525G?

    I have a feature request is it also possible to backup the speed dials on a SPA504G?

  7. Excellent product- works perfectly on SPA 942 and SPA 303. Also makes it much handier for adding the actual extensions and allows you to back it all up to files and so on.

  8. Got it now and works great.

    Paul, it would be nice if you could add the ability to save & recall the list of IP addresses, much the same as you can save/recall the list of names and numbers.

  9. Hi Paulie

    I heard that it’s now working for Cisco sap504G!
    if yes, how can i pay(order) it witt my visa card?


  10. Trying to use on a SPA504G, says”Unable to connect to server” I know that I need to use port 2600 when accessing my phones server pages, is there a way to add the port number to the ip address?

  11. There is not currently a way to add the port number, but it would be very easy for me to add that functionality. I will get it done in the next few days and post a newer version (and email it to you to try it out).

  12. Great program, I have just purchased it, very well done. The only other thing I would like to see is for it to either automatically reload the previous set of ip addresses on startup (perhaps valiadating them on startup), or else give the option to save/load them from a file. On most DHCP systems, devices will keep the same ip address indefinitely if they are permanently on, as phones are, so this list typically wouldn’t change much.

  13. Great program, works very well. Only thing is, like a few other users, I would really like the ability to save and recall the list of IPs. I have 200+ SPA504 phones here.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. When saving the list of phonenumbers to the phone the + sign gets lost and therefor the recognition of the numbers does not work at our setup.

    Can this be fixed?

  15. I think that was deliberate, I seem to remember there being a problem with the + sign in the phone itself. I use an international dialing code instead of the plus


    0044 instead of +44

  16. When I use the international dailingcode 0031 instead of +31 the phonenumer doesn’t get recognized with the incoming call because the provider sends the +31 number

  17. I bought your program. It looks like a handy tool, but my phones require username and password and your program doesn’t seem to account for that. Am I missing something? The usernames and passwords are not unique, by the way.


  18. Hi Ben,

    No, it does not account for password protected phones. Although I don’t think it would be a very complicated modification. I will issue you a refund.


  19. I bought the program, thank you.

    Why can not I upload spa303 keressztül if the other port, not the 80?

    This is a big error!
    Not everyone uses the default port.

  20. I purchased the software today and the link email arrived to the spam folder. Besides that, no problem. Tested with SPA303 and works perfectly, but doesn’t work with 525G2.
    Great work man!

  21. We bought the utility, works great for the Cisco SPA 303, but when saving the personal directory to a Cisco SPA514G is giving error “Unable to connect to remote server”.
    Is there any way to overcome this error. ??



  22. Hey, is there any other way to pay besides PayPal?

    Would love this program but no PayPal unfortunately – Zimbabwe is restricted!



  23. Just purchased the software and works great on SPA-942,SPA-922,SPA-502G.
    The program is great and easy to use, but lucks the ability to load the IP addresses of phones from a list because it’s not easy to push every now and then updates to 100+ devices.

    I would love to see this feature.
    Thank you.

  24. Love your tool. Recommended it to more users from NL. The SPA514g doesn’t work, and that is a shame 🙁

  25. I saw the post from another user about the port, but completely forgot that I too have a custom port on my Cisco phone. Any plans to allow entry of the port number? Is there any workaround to have the app direct the request to a specific port?

  26. Hi Paul,

    I received the link by email a few minutes after the payment, Thank you, it is a bit confusing.

    After I tested it, I just found it does not work for Cisco SPA514G. Do you plan to get it working ? or is there a way around?

  27. I have not received any information regarding the SPA personal directory manager I purchased. PLease advise how to download the program

  28. Hi,

    I purchased the software in March – it works very well. I am using a Windows 8 PC with .net 4.5 on it. Each time I try to run the installer it is requesting 3.5 & I have no way to bypass this – any ideas on the installation process?


  29. Great application. Any chance you could add a field to the program to allow entry of the http port number?
    The app works great with default port of 80 but with anything else it can’t communicate.
    Appreciate it.

  30. Just downloaded this, don’t see a way to actually just save an XML file that can be uploaded to a web directory for parsing by the phones. Assume that’s not what this does then?

  31. Can confirm that this software runs on Windows 10 and does the required job very well.

    I have been using it with SPA50xG phones running firmware 7.6.2

  32. Partially works with the 504G. You can query the directory but it will not commit using the url. The 509G also has the same url/directory file destinations and should work as well. The 525 would work as well if the destination url for the directory were the same but it does not. A macro option can be added to change this in the program if a drop down choice were given among the different models. Spent a couple bucks on a non-working app, but it has potential and needs more work.

  33. Hey, I have a question !
    Is this product still available or not ?

    If it is can you please send me a link where i can buy it ?

  34. We are about to release a new version of this, which is far superior, so for now I have removed the existing version for download.

  35. Hello Dude.
    Can you send me a download link with the current version at my email?

    I need to manage some phones and i can’t find the program.

    The program was purchased on Feb 4, 2015 (PayPal TranscationID 6GB11683Y32167707)

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