New-ExchangeCertificate Cmdlet Syntax Generator

I am always forgetting the syntax for the New-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet when I need to do a new certificate request so I decided to write a little bit of javascript to build up the command automatically. Its much easier to copy and paste it from here than work with in it the Exchange 2007 Command Shell.

So just fill in the fields below and the command will be built automatically in the box below. Then just copy into command shell. If required, seperate the “Subject Alternative Names” with commas.

Common Name:

Subject Alternative Names:
Organisational Unit:

CSR Command:

I am thinking of duplicating this code and writing another post which will generate the commands for the import of the newly generated certificate.

6 thoughts on “New-ExchangeCertificate Cmdlet Syntax Generator

  1. Great trick, but my company’s name has a comma in it, and that makes the script fail. Do you have a workaround for that?

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